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FANTASY:  Frayle and Relek have a strong bond of friendship - Relek has watched out for Frayle his whole life.  When Relek is killed defending his home and his friend, Frayle accidently r

Chelle and Josh are two average people living in the beautiful city of San Francisco.  Chelle is haunted by unanswered questions from her past, such as why she witnessed her parents’ murder at age five, b

Gemma has left the corporate world behind to realize her dream of owning her own teashop in Oxfordshire, England.  Her parents think she has lost her mind and the local citizens haven’t quite made theirs

DIESELPUNK:  Everyone in town knows that Molly is the best baker in town.  What no one knows is that Molly has talents beyond baking – she can see into the future.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  According to her sister-in-law Wilhelmina,  Samantha Hastings has postponed her debut into fashionable London society for far too long.  While both women have enjoyed living qu