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Katya Dalca knows right from wrong and has decided she no longer wants to be part of her father’s criminal activity.

Albert Saint was living under a cloud of doubt in the 19th century.

Passion’s Fire

Brig has happily spent her life in breeches and posing as the son of the armorer.  That is, until Matthew de Rowenne is assigned to once again return to Scotland and deal with political unrest.  He’s got

Amelia Greyson, nicknamed Mel, is desperately trying to escape the memories of a past that haunts her, but when she meets the gorgeous rock duo - twin brothers Noah and Sawyer, it would seem she is destined for a life contrary to everything she has run from.  As she struggles to keep her head focused on her writing career, both men will vie for her attention and she must make a choice soon.

REGENCY:  Rafe Landsbury, the Earl of Markham, is both a mysterious man and known rake.