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Wyland University graduate Harden Campbell wakes up on a dirt floor in a cell, beaten and cold. The only things in the room with him are a table and chair, a typewriter and the dead body of his best friend. He knows nothing of how he got there or why - that is, until he looks more closely at the ream of blank paper. On the top page there is one sentence: "Tell me a story”.

Journalist Maren Summers must live at “The Corner of Heartache and Love”; she has been devastated by people she trusted. After being jilted at the altar she moves in with her best friend and meets Zane Whitfield, a homeless man who seems to live on the corner across from their apartment.

Revenge is Sweet

Will Austen has finally found Elinor, his one true love.

To be at the top in the interior design field you must be strong and determined. Neve Harper is just that, and honest to a fault: both professionally and personally.  Her newest design client is also her neighbor Duke Kennicot's boss, and together they must work on a cabin in the Ozark Mountains.

On the South side of Chicago Charley Howard is known as the Hot Sauce King, and he's raging mad. There's a hex on him, and his wife Mabel is being duped by a phony Jamaican psychic.