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Newlywed Tori Lewis inadvertently walks into a robbery in progress and discovers a gunman with a super power. Having been told all her life that super heroes did not exist, she was shocked to learn that not only were they a reality, but that she also possessed a super power.

Rebecca Sheehan is taking a temporary refuge from her life in South Boston by secretly visiting her brother in Jackson, Wyoming. When the opportunity arises to take a job on a horse ranch, she jumps at the chance to become a wrangler.

Destiny’s Bride

WESTERN:  Banker's daughter Cecile Palmer has lived a pampered life. When she falls in love at first sight with Walt Williams, her life changes completely. As she struggles to learn how to become a farmer’s wife and live with no amenities, she matures into a woman.

A Love Beyond
Leslie P.

Convinced her sister’s death was an attempt to escape an abusive marriage rather than an accident, A.J. Owens enters the dangerous world of her brother-in-law, Mike Towers, under the pretense of a woman enamored by the sybaritic mogul.

Gavril of Aquina
St. James

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Orphaned, presumed dead, and stripped of his magic, Gavril has lost everything. He’s a beggar on the streets of his own kingdom. Five years in captivity has deemed him unrecognizable to his subjects, and to and himself.