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Esmeralda Salinas needs a change from her unaffectionate family and love affairs gone wrong in her hometown of Rose Creek, Texas, so she heads to the town of Truth to visit her Aunt Tina.

Bound by Fire (Cauld Ane #2)
Tracey Jane

Pepper Brooks desperately wants to leave home and join her best friend Sam in Scotland.

Mr. Darcy’s Pledge

After Elizabeth Bennet rejects Mr. Darcys first proposal he returns home - his pride stung and his spirits low.


EPIC FANTASY:  Yssa died the day of her birth, but the god Apenth chose her to be reborn as the Phoenix Prophetess, seer and guardian of Amora.

Barbara Stevens has always suppressed her paranormal abilities. Even with her life crashing down around her, she avoids anything to do with The Power. However, this has not stopped her young daughter Tiffany from using her own powers.