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The saying “in the wrong place, at the wrong time” is a fact for Madison Sinclair. Taking her BFF’s place to photograph a charity event for well-known billionaire Vance Goldston couldn’t have been a bigger mistake.

TIME TRAVEL:  This is the conclusion to the historical love story between William Wallace and Eva MacKay, as William continues his battle to free Scotland from English tyranny and suppression.

HISTORICAL:  Mystery writer Deirdre Flanagan has found success in her career, but not in her personal life.

WESTERN: Desperate to escape the machinations of her uncle and fiancé, Emily Carrington begs to join a wagon train destined for the Oregon Territory led by Cole Morgan.

FAMILY SAGA:  Leslie Scott becomes a fringe benefit when the race horse farm she works for makes a deal with a competing farm owned by William Becker.  William is a lonely widower who raised his children alone and is finally read