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Kate is dealing with an abusive husband who constantly berates her, so when he dies in a house fire she feels mostly relieved. A year and a half later, she is ready to date again and signs up with a professional matchmaking company. In a twist of fate, her first date ends up being the fireman who informed her she was a widow that fateful night.

Lady Jane Blackmore is usually  a disaster on the social scene, and after her newest catastrophe (spilling the punch bowl on herself), she has hidden behind the ferns to avoid discovery by her hateful stepmother. The Duke of Greystone, a man with a reputation of having killed his own father, engages her in conversation and refuses to leave after she warns him he must.


HISTORICAL:  Maria Holloway is excited to start a new life on the western frontier with her husband, but everything changes in a heartbeat when her wagon train is attacked, her husband killed, and she is abducted. Forced to spend three years living with the Lakota people, she finds solace in her new life and even begins to form relationships.

Shannon O’Bryen is committed to remaining single.   She got burned once in college by a player and is  not about to let that happen again.

Omar Zagouri is on the hunt for an art thief in London. Much to his surprise, he finds that his cousin is dating the sister of the criminal he is after, and he uses the connection to learn more about the family. Omar discovers there is a history of crime that dates back to the Crusades, and is even more surprised to find a long tradition of honor killings.