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Emma Wyatt has been bamboozled by her best friend Audrey. Audrey purchased Chief of Police Oliver Kyle in Emma's name at a charity auction and Emma is not a happy camper, to say the least. Oliver used to be Emma’s best friend until, for some reason, he decided to go off the deep end and become the Lothario of Crystal Valley.

Ivy Wilde is almost relieved when she is expelled from the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. A free spirit, she could no longer be controlled by rules and regulations. When Ivy’s friend is summoned out of town by the Order, she commandeers Ivy to check on and feed her feline familiar.

Conn is a Fenian Warrior right out of Celtic mythology, but he’s made a mistake that has altered the threads of time. As punishment for his poor judgment, he must travel into modern times and set one person on the proper path.

West of Forgotten
Lynda J.

WESTERN:  When Harrison first meets Rachel and her son Joshua, she trains her shotgun on him and tells him to leave her ranch.  Things look up when she doesn’t shoot him, but for Rachel, they turn bleak again when she discovers her father has gambled away half of their ranch to Harrison.  With no other choice, they work together to turn around the failing ranch, but it soon becomes clear that b

Listening For Drums

Dr. Carrie Nelson has just received a prestigious award that will allow her to stay on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana for a whole year to carry out her research.  Unfortunately, her father and her fiancé don’t approve.