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PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  When Faye Lithyer moves to Astoria, Oregon to live with her grandmother after her father’s death, her life becomes more complicated that she could have ever imagined.

PARANORMAL:  When eighteen-year-old Anila’s boyfriend, Levi, becomes obsessed with her, exhibiting stalker behavior practically overnight, her parents take drastic action.

The Enchanted Swans

HISTORICAL/FAIRYTALE:  Princess Nualla, daughter of King Lir of the faery folk, is no stranger to tragedy.

After Brian Archer encounters former classmate, Katelyn Kellerman, in the overcrowded airport when he returns home to Greenridge, BC, he will soon discover his life has changed forever. Grounded by her abusive ex-husband, who refuses to allow her to flee with their two children, Katelyn reluctantly accepts a ride from Brian to his brother’s B&B, River’s Sigh.

SCI-FI:  Don, Terry, and Kim are three NASA astronauts, on a journey to return to earth guided by their alien friend Tom.  Something goes drastically wrong and the astronauts find themselves transported to a future earth, which is nothing like the earth of their own time.  They are horrified by the devastated planet that they find and race against the clock to repair their damaged spaceship and