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When Giselle de Courtenay’s mother dies, she finds out that her father is the Laird of a Scottish clan in Glenross, Scotland.

CNF:  “Red Jacaranda Leaves (The Rites of Passage Book 1)” is not a book that is understandable. The first chapters are extremely confusing and do not seem to fit with the next few chapters. The characters are all tremendously undefined and lack any explicit recognition.

Angelle is a fallen angel, but she is dating a demon named Jack. Her primary goal in life is to get her wings back and return to heaven.

Nate Bastable and Ruby Fawcett have decided to take a break from all things mysterious. Unfortunately, murder and criminal behavior seem to follow them around like lost puppies.

With the Civil War ongoing and thousands of men wounded, missing or dead, John Dorian has little hope of finding his younger brother alive aft