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A Timeless Romance Anthology: All Regency Collection 
Anna Elliott, Sarah M. Eden, Carla Kelly,
Josi S. Kilpack, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore

A sweet and romantic collection of six short stories by six separate authors, set in the historical regency era. One becomes the confidant of Elizabeth Bennett from the classic Pride and Prejudice, with an intimate tale of kidnap and a heroic Mr. Darcy.

Declan Forrester was sent to Newgate prison without ever knowing why. Rescued by an Earl and forced to wed his disgraced daughter, they have built a good life on an Irish estate. Martine was rescued by gypsies as a child, and raised as the future leader’s sister.

Dare to Risk All
Joyce M.

Months ago on a cruise unwillingly awarded to her by her chauvinistic boss, Tessa had a one-weekend stand with Ben. Their connection was an unusual one, but they live far apart. Devastated that Ben never once called though she gave him her number, Tessa is even more devastated to find out her boss has brought Ben in to “co-own” a higher position she’s been passed over for.

Arla and Ric have been married a long time. Empty-nesters now that their son has moved out permanently, Arla is ready to fix Ric with a counselor’s help. Her mother-in-law is a nightmare, and has been since day one of their relationship. Ric has always sided against Arla and with his mother.

SUSPENSE:  Ann has been raised knowing that her duty is to wed well and have sons, and not much beyond that. Coming out was exciting but she soon feels like a prized broodmare her parents are shopping around. She decides to make the best of things once she’s “bought” for John, the son of a Duke.