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The Boardwalk Antiques Shop (A Tangerine Street Romance Book 2)
Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson,
Heather B. Moore

Jennifer Day plans to sell the antique shop inherited from her aunt and contacts realtor Paul Studly. She keeps the place open while it is on the market and learns the business from antiques dealer Henry Lancaster.

Cookie Cutter

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Divorcée, and mother of a teenage daughter, Iris Alden is driven and very involved in the community of Spangler, South Carolina. She strives to be in control and on top of things at all times. Carter Blackwood, a house flipper, is easy on the eyes and in need of a hammer.

Royal Date

NEW ADULT:  Kat is reluctantly on winter break skiing with her best friend Lemon in Monterra, Italy.


Sheryl Ilene Newcomb (or S.I.N., as she likes to point out) is being hunted. Born to take on a battle that has been waged for centuries, Sheryl had originally forgotten her first experiences with the mythical creature that stalked her and her family. As corpses turn up, Sheryl must learn the truth.

Endless Love

Life has not turned out the way Rose Loxton had hoped. At forty, she expected to have a prestigious position at a university doing scientific research and maybe having made some great discovery.