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Maddie Leclair is a sportswriter for the Post newspaper traveling with professional baseball’s Philadelphia Patriots.  Jake Miller has been sidelined after an injury but his return to the big league is headline news for sports fans. Keen to enhance her career, Maddie angles an interview with one of baseball’s hottest stars.

Following the death of his wife, Sir Edward (Ned) Chambers has been celibate for three years. He arrives in London to lease a house for the Season for his seventeen year-old daughter's coming-out. Viscount Ludovic DeVere, Ned's best friend, is keen to see him start living again.

The Reluctant Marquess

After the death of her parents, Charity Barlow is forced to leave her home and head out to see her godfather, the Marquess of St Malin, whom she’d met only once. Upon arrival, however, she finds out her godfather is dead, and that the title and inheritance of his nephew, Robert, depend on whether or not she marries him. Without prospects, and strangely drawn to Robert, Charity agrees.

Akshay, prince of the earth djinns, is tired of his life. His people aren’t prospering, the constant warlike state of affairs with the water djinns is draining (no pun intended), and now his best friend lost his life to an assassin hired by the water djinns. He desperately needs relief. And then he meets Maya.

Hotter on the Edge:Anthology
Erin Kellison , K.C. Klein, Jessa

Science Fiction: (Anthology)

All That Glitters

Erin Kellison