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Kaycee has moved to New York as a member of the Art Forgery and Theft CID. She's trying to put her past behind her, including Mason Malone. Kaycee is working with Englishman Alex Halaway who is sexy as sin and could have any woman doing his bidding with his accent alone.

HISTORICAL:  Cadeyrn, the Fae King, must find his mate to save the Fae as foretold in the prophecy of Draloch. All he knows is that she will be mortal and is destined to die for his love. When he meets Hargreaves, she is exactly the opposite of what he was expecting, but everything points to her being the one.

The Thief's Daughter

Jenna reluctantly enters the smuggling trade when her brother needs help paying his creditors. She has always tried her best to be as good as she can be, but she finds herself in hot water.

When Giselle de Courtenay’s mother dies, she finds out that her father is the Laird of a Scottish clan in Glenross, Scotland.

CNF:  “Red Jacaranda Leaves (The Rites of Passage Book 1)” is not a book that is understandable. The first chapters are extremely confusing and do not seem to fit with the next few chapters. The characters are all tremendously undefined and lack any explicit recognition.