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Ti Russo is running from a past that has caught up with her, but when she stops in a beach town she meets Drew Anderson, who makes her want to forget where she’s come from and s

FANTASY:  Jayne spends her life protecting the children her wicked father has sired. She has endured abuse, both mental and physical, from powerful men.

Jennifer Rose

FANTASY:  Mauve O'Malley is a young woman at the crossroads of her life. She has left Boston and her family to go Ireland, in order to find the mystery behind her frightening waking dreams.

Spunky debutante Katherine Locke is entering her third season on the Marriage Mart. It is not going well, and prospects for a marriage are growing fewer by the minute. Every available man at the parties she attends, Kate has either spurned or ridiculed.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Chloe is a little cautious when it comes to getting close to people. Moose wants to get closer to her; a successful businessman, he wants to get to know the ice cream shop manager better. He gets his chance when Chloe's ex comes into town and she tells him that Moose is her fiancé.