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The Mannequin
S. G.

HISTORICAL:  Rosamund has always felt unwanted in her Aunt’s home. She is treated as a servant most of the time and belittled by her cousins.

Wrestlin' Christmas

After an injury ends his rodeo career Cort McGraw has turned into someone his parents and sister don't know and he himself can't stand.

A House of Her Own

When Claire Marshall stumbles across an old house in a nice neighborhood for dirt cheap, she is positive she’s lucked out.

Parineeta Singh has one goal: uncover information that will help her brother’s revolutionary group free India from the invading British. She did not expect to deal with General Warren Carton, who is so different from the British soldier who abandoned her mother so long ago.

Breathe Deep

After a terrorist attack on the her cruise ship resulted in her being stranded on a tiny island, Leah is relieved to be alive and rescued. However, she never expected the trouble that would come with reentering civilization! Nothing is the same as when she left.