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After running from her past, Lindsey Porter wants nothing more than to mind her own business and keep her head down.

Teddy King is trouble with a capital T.  Not only is she trouble, but she could be in a lot of it if the secret she has concealed gets out.

Annie Campbell and her friends find themselves pulled into a murder case when Professor of Religion Christa Thompson is found dead and all the little secrets she had begin to crawl out of the

Chef Tessa Byrne is thrown in at the deep end when she discovers that dragon shifters are not just something thought up in the imagination, they're actually real. She goes on the run to Maui to escape a dragon lord who is hell-bent on claiming her. What she doesn't expect is to run into Kai and his group of strong shifters, or for them to actually try and help her.

Bad Lies

When Sophie goes to Italy for a golf tournament, she thinks that her only concern will be working hard to win the tournament. Little does she know that she is going to become involved in a lot more. Just what she needs after getting over bankruptcy, a divorce and a taste for gambling. As a favor to his father, ex-pro golfer Jack Walker volunteers to caddy for Sophie during the tournament.