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Paige Carmichael is an average girl with a less than average job. Her father adds the spice to her family tree as a paranormal investigator.

Love, Alchemy

FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Daveigh Little makes some bad choices, and the chase begins. As a young girl about to leave her hometown behind and start new at college, frat parties aren’t in her cards.

Izzy Alexander is a witch, and although she could whip together a love potion for Malcolm Campbell, a sexy highlander cursed to with everlasting life, she’s following the good old-fashioned route

Sasha Bishop: Shifter

PARANORMAL:  Sasha Bishop is just a typical high school teen.

Ever Chace has been fascinated by the paranormal her whole life, which is why she became a paranormal researcher.  Now, she has a chance to help the Paranormal Investigations team despite the fact