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Izzy Alexander is a witch, and although she could whip together a love potion for Malcolm Campbell, a sexy highlander cursed to with everlasting life, she’s following the good old-fashioned route

Sasha Bishop: Shifter

PARANORMAL:  Sasha Bishop is just a typical high school teen.

Ever Chace has been fascinated by the paranormal her whole life, which is why she became a paranormal researcher.  Now, she has a chance to help the Paranormal Investigations team despite the fact

Sabrina is just trying to make it through the day.  The struggle to meet the demands of her job at VGI and to bear the responsibility of raising her toddler Alex is sapping what little strength she has left.  She certainly can’t entertain thoughts of completing her degree or putting Alex in a decent preschool.  

Waking Up in Medellin

Nikki Garcia is one of the best corporate auditors in the business.  When she is sent by headquarters to investigate possible mismanagement of one of the branch offices in Columbia, she knows that