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To Kiss a Wallflower (Timeless Regency Collection Anthology)
Jen Geigle Johnson, Heather B. Moore &
Anneka R. Walker

“To Kiss a Wallflower” is a three-story anthology including ‘The Wallflower’s Dance’, ‘Letters to a Wallflower’, and ‘To Marry a Wallflower’. The stories are all standalone and complete. In ‘The Wallflower’s Dance’, shy and introverted Lottie Hughes relies on her two friends, Denny and Grace, to guide her through the social season.

When Katherine Radbourne goes in search of her missing brother, she’s abducted by Morgan Langston, Earl of Whetherford who mistakes her for another woman who stole from his family. He’s tired of the life he was living and has reconciled himself to his duty to marry and produce an heir. Yet, he believes love has no place in a marriage.

Disillusioned by the state of her parents’ marriage and infidelity, Diana Kendricks is perfectly happy with the prospect of living out her life in spinsterhood. That is, until she meets Lord James Barrington, known as the Marquess of Magic. James has loved magic his entire life, often using it as a shield for his emotions. When Diana returns to visit Mrs.

On the run from an abusive husband, Jordan Vasilakis leaves Greece and returns to the states with a new name, Madeline Cielo. What she can’t run from is her love of jazz music, and her beautiful singing voice. When she accepts a job singing at the Jazz House, it’s with the stipulation that her identity be protected. She’s quickly befriended by her new employer and the staff at Jazz House.

This story is a sweet reunion romance set during the Christmas holiday season. The heroine, Taylor Campbell, has taken over the family business, including the upcoming holiday festival. She’s also taking care of her mother post-surgery, so she’s definitely burning the candle at both ends. When she discovers her mother’s new physical therapist is Chris Harris, a man from her past, she’s wary.