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While Mitchell “Mitch” Skaggs is playing beach volleyball for fun with some friends, he is noticed by Coach Tom Buchanan. Tom offers Mitch the chance of a lifetime to play professional beach volleyball. Mitch is apprehensive about this idea, especially since he already loves his job as an athletic trainer.

Cheryl Oreglia is a mother, wife, teacher, and secret book blogger. In a series of short essays, blogs, and tales, she pens a true account of her own life. With family and friends who help her get through many daily trials, Cheryl is able to weather everything life sends her way.

HISTORICAL: A year ago, Christina Kohl was a simple girl and a wealthy merchant’s daughter. Then pirates destroyed Christina, and uprooted her entire life, so the girl has ceased to exist. To the rest of the world, Christina is Sir Frederick Kohl, her missing brother, whom marauders have cruelly taken from her too.

Fletcher McKay hates Noah Reed, and the feeling is mutual as they stare across each other through the one way glass of the interrogation room. A man is dead, and the only clear suspect is Fletcher, and Reed knows it. Being Sheriff of Blue Creek, he either has to arrest her or keep her in protective custody. Fletcher has been shot, tortured, and is now being framed for her captor’s murder.

Izabel Silva is new to a small Montana town where one of her best friends from college has settled down and just married. She hopes she will be welcome here since fleeing her previous life and job in Seattle. Her marketing experience made others jealous, and they took advantage of her. Izabel is looking for a fresh start, and hopes this is the place.