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Aunt Alexandra bequeaths a studio apartment to Anna Collins. Anna discovers an envelope instructing her to steal the painting titled “Two Sisters”, hidden away in millionaire Markham Gray’s panic room. Thirty years ago, Aunt Alexandra and Anna's mother Sophia, painted this portrait of one another, and Gray refuses to return it to the rightful owner.

Gillian Howe is not only a tarot card reader. She is a talented witch who takes her craft—and dedication to her charity, Hope Club—seriously. However, a speed-dating event turns her life upside down when she has a run-in with a brotherhood of bloodthirsty (of course) vampires.

CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Mel is a fitness instructor, but it is definitely not yoga. She teaches pole fitness, which is essentially what pole dancers do, except Mel and her students are not naked. Mel promotes her class by making online videos. One night, in the middle of filming, her ex-boyfriend crashes her condo, and Mel ends up with her butt on the floor.

Lady Fredericka Ashworth is facing a big decision. She is past marriageable age and needs a husband, one who will allow her to continue with her odd hobby of inventing things and woodworking. Love would be a bonus, but her freedom is paramount. When she encounters childhood friend Lord Miles Luxington, an idea springs to mind.

The Hart Inn has a reputation of being lucky for lovers, but many suspect it is the owners’ daughter, Lily, who is responsible. Her parents are pushing her to wed a neighbor, but Lily is not the least interested. Her heart belongs to someone she can never have— nobleman Lord Randolph Torbridge, a frequent visitor to the inn.