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Holiday Wedding

Drew spent ten years with Lauren before she put her foot down. After a whirlwind engagement, she realized he might not be serious after all and called off the wedding, at the wedding.

When the Black Roses Grow
Angela Christina

PARANORMAL:  Emmalynn Hawthorne has just lost her mother - she was hung as a witch after trial in Salem Massachusetts.

In the town of Haskell, Wyoming, some busybodies get to talking. One of the locals owns a halfway house for poor and abused women back in Nashville, and his wife brings up the subject of mail-order brides to him.

The Soul's Agent

Navi sees her ex-boyfriend Alec four years after a brutal break up when he accused her of cheating—she didn’t—and then walked away. The truth is, she fights specific demons for Death.

The years leading up to Guinevere’s reign with Arthur are part mystical, part political, and part irreversible. Sent to Avalon at the age of eleven, she is tutored in the powers of nature and the Goddess.