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Duke of Charm (Dukes of Distinction Book 2)
Alexa Aston
Narrator: Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL: Samantha Wallace is heartbroken when her brother’s best friend, George, announces his engagement to another. Looking for a man exactly the opposite of George, she accepts a rushed engagement offer from Viscount Haskett. Samantha’s rushed decision leaves her married but miserable.

Nora Lancaster grew up in Cherish but couldn’t wait to get out of that small town. She married a young boy and took off. Now years later she is back, divorced, a single mother with a rebellious daughter, to help at the inn her parents used to own. As she is volunteering at the inn, she meets Julian Wilson, a businessman who is in town to scope out a place for a chain restaurant.

Miss Elizabeth Fletcher is in need of a new assignment from the Governess Bureau. When she is chosen by Stuart Morton, Lord Galcrest, in a most unorthodox manner she is determined to persevere and make the Bureau proud. Stuart, however, has hired her for his friends, and she is thrust into a family situation that is anything but welcoming.

War is ravaging the land and with its many kingdoms. Tannith of Ellenroh, Princess of Dragonbane’s castle, is besieged, and her father, the king, has gone missing. Taking direction from the Council, she starts on a quest to end the war by assembling the Cross of Tarlis in order to raise her god and save her people.

Lady Amelia Darley finds herself widowed with an estate and many debts left to her by her late husband. Amelia is a terrific horsewoman and breeds and trains the best thoroughbreds. But her sales will never be able to save her estate if she can’t convince people to purchase from a woman. Alexander Goldphin Hawke, the Duke of Leids has returned to England.