A Wisp of Fate


When Elsie True is asked by a clan of shifter monks to track down a stolen relic, the case turns out to be a lot more complicated than she expected. From the very beginning, she has her reservations about this case and its legitimacy. Used to keeping her distance from people, this is no longer possible when she must bind herself to Sheng, the original owner of the relic, in order to find it. Elsie finds herself intrigued and attracted to him. Through the course of her case, she must come to terms with Sheng’s past, old flings, her father’s murder, and betrayals.

Elsie True is a feisty character, and Kristy Centeno pulls readers into the action from the get-go. Though Ms. Centeno’s story is incredibly unique and compelling, the grammar and vocabulary left something to be desired. Mistakes throughout the book force readers to slow down or backtrack when similar sounding but incorrect words are used, words are skipped, etc. This flaw is unfortunate because when it comes to world building, plot, and character development, Ms. Centeno’s work soars. Every character has a backstory that is revealed at the perfect pace, not loading readers down in the exposition. Though Sheng and Elsie’s chemistry seemed mildly forced at times, their individual personalities and backstories shine through, as do those of every other character. Ms. Centeno has created a fantasy world that feels as real and multi-faceted as the real world, making the reader want to come for a visit.

Shailyn Rogers