Wings of Fire, The Last Phoenix: Book 1


When the most sought-after acquirer fails to deliver the required results of a current mission, she not only finds herself vulnerable to the whims of a torturous master vampire, but also finds herself being accused of a murder she did not commit. Veronica Neill, aka The Falcon, the only existing Phoenix, has to find a way to save her life and clear her name, which is on the Death Enforcement Agency’s most-wanted list. Her best friend, a seasoned computer geek, Katherine Parker, is there to help her. One of the reapers from the Death Enforcement Agency, Thane Munro, is after a box that put Veronica in the hotspot in the first place. He also has a warranty to arrest Veronica, who is likewise after the box. Can he outwit The Falcon? Better yet, can The Falcon outwit the reaper?

“Wings of Fire” brings the world of vampires, witches, grim reapers, humans, and angels together in a delightful cocktail for all lovers of dark fantasy with a mild dose of romance. However, readers might be left wondering why the last phoenix, who is allegedly under constant watch of the angels, among whom is the leader of the Death Enforcement Agency, has to go through such a hard time when someone is supposed to keep her safe. Did the angels fail in fulfilling their duty? Wouldn’t the angels’ work overshadow the feisty nature of the last Phoenix? Nevertheless, from ruthless villains to die-hard believers in justice, the novel serves up a jaw-dropping storyline, with super idiosyncratic characters that drive the reader throughout the pages.  

JM Lareen