On These Wicked Shores (The Azantian Trilogy Book 2)


Margarete Wood is in love with the Azantian king, King Bash. Margarete has the powers of a God inside her, gotten during an epic battle three months prior. But she still hasn’t even begun to master these powers. Now creatures released during the battle have hidden themselves in the human realm, and Margarete and her king must hunt them down. When a storm causes their ship to crash on a mystical island, they find themselves in a legend with coins and trials, where failing costs your life. As Margarete and Bash fight to live through the challenges and keep their crew intact, their love will be tested to the very end. They find the entire event has been orchestrated by a God who believes Margarete to be his queen. Can their love survive the island?

Katherine Quinn has created a new realm filled with fire creatures, giant squid, and soul sucking nymeras to name a few. With descriptions that leave out nothing but are so cleverly entwined into the story that the island itself comes to life, Ms. Quinn weaves her tale of delight. Margarete and Bash have terrific chemistry. The character development as Margarete learns to harness her powers and trust herself is great. Bash learns his true nature and as Margarete nurtures him through the acceptance of it and loves him through it, their relationship deepens and grows. The supporting characters are all well written and leave room for not just the end of the trilogy, but many separate stories begging to be told. Absolutely unputdownable!

Cara Ceislak