The Teacher

Susan Zoe
Sasha is a shy librarian, who is in love with her choirmaster Nash Swann. When Swann selects Sasha for his A Capella group for a Christmas concert, they find out that their voices harmonize perfectly. But Swann has a secret; he has noticed Sasha and has been searching for her all his life—the woman who will be his true match, with very specific qualities. Swann disappears after one night of passion, abandoning Sasha and the choir. She is left wondering and questioning her choices. Unbeknownst to her, Sasha must pass the final test before she can become his queen. Will she make the right choice?
“The Teacher” has a whimsical, fairytale holiday feel, with a potential for a slow burn to build up to the finale. Yet the reader is left confused with the fast-paced romance and  intimate scenes, some of which may make readers feel uncomfortable. This is followed by Sasha’s abandonment at whiplash speed. But it is Sasha who has to pass several tests to prove she is his one true love. He seduces her, then wipes her memory only to turn up again at her doorstep pretending he knows nothing, till she passes the next test. And   then seduces her again only to disappear on her without an explanation. Seems she has to pass yet another test… all without her having the slightest knowledge of it. There is a mere dusting of the supernatural, but the reader is not made aware of this until the very end. The story could use expanding on the mystical and working on the character traits of the hero to prove his worth instead.
Rika Chandra