This Tarnished Light

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Polly Bridger had a family once, a family and a home. But a series of unfortunate events begins to strip Polly of her naiveté and expose her to a whole different world. Albert Coward is a light in Polly’s life. Albert provides Polly with love, support, and the material things she needs. But when Albert finds himself in jail Polly is left with nothing. Although she has vehemently defended her virtue, she finds that it is the one thing she can sell to provide a roof over her head and food for her aching belly. She longs for Albert’s return but doesn’t know if his bright light will return to her. As she struggles to survive and keep her love and light shining, she must face challenges she never knew existed.

Trigger warning: contains forced sex, abortion, and prostitution. Polly once lived a comfortable life but when her father dies her world is suddenly turned upside down and she witnesses her mother being forced to pay the landlord with the only thing she has left, herself. When Albert finds her, they form a fast friendship, and he cares for her truly never asking anything in return. Albert and Polly have a sweet chemistry that grows from childhood adoration to true love. The character development is strong as Polly grows from a naive little girl into a worldly woman who will do whatever is required to survive. A heart wrenching tale that will haunt the reader long after the last word is read.

Cara Cieslak