Taming of the Few (Guardians of the PHAE Book 1)

Christy Nicholas &
Rowan Dillon

With the shifting of the magnetic poles, part of the human population on earth has developed magical powers. These range from powerful to small and insignificant. The people who possess these powers are known as the Unhidden. But bigotry and hatred run strong, and the Pure Earther Movement has their sights set on the destruction of the Unhidden. A large number of Unhidden are located in Ireland, making it a great place for PHAE (an organization run for the protection and education of the Unhidden) to set up shop. New recruits Anna, Max, Komie, Bintou, Hiroki, and Qacha, are thrust into the conflict with little time to spare. The fate of the Unhidden, and perhaps Ireland as a whole, may rest on their powers.

Christy Nicholas and Rowan Dillon have crafted a remarkably diverse cast of characters and a fascinating concept for this urban fantasy. Each of the main characters comes from a very different background, representing people from around the world. The world building is fantastic. The POV of “Taming of the Few” rotates between each of the six PHAE recruits. This large number of perspectives requires extensive information on each character. This exposition slows the pace of the story down significantly. The pace picks up significantly near the end of the book. While each character has a distinct personality and background, the focus flits from character to character so often that it can be difficult for the reader to fully connect to anyone. Ms. Nicholas and Ms. Dillon’s stellar world building feels realistic to the modern-day world, while infusing Celtic folklore and language in a unique fashion.

Shailyn Rogers