The Starfolk Arcana


Beth has the ability to sense ghosts and psychic energy. Her visit to a TV show’s set on the day celebrity Amelia talks about her paranormal experiences sets Beth on edge. And Jonan, the man with the microphone at the show seems oddly familiar. Why does he show up on the tarot card deck she buys later that day? Beth’s encounter with Amelia does not end with the show. Amelia seems to be targeting Beth on purpose. Amelia is spreading cold, dark energy throughout the whole of St. Albans, spreading terror and fear wherever she goes. Beth, Jonan, and Aunt Doriel must work together to thwart Amelia’s master plan.

Martha Dunlop creates a refreshing soulmate love story. Though drawn by fate, the reunion is not without its bumps and bruises, allowing for genuine emotions, conflict, and the ability for chemistry to grow. Overall, The Starfolk Arcana has potential. Certain aspects of the world building are strong, especially when it comes to paranormal involvement. Grammar is flawless. However, the pacing is frequently slow and draggy. Jonan and Beth seem to have the same encounter repeatedly which does not move their relationship forward, nor does it aid the plot. The details behind the paranormal abilities and goings-on are released to the reader painfully slowly. The dialogue feels overly formal in places, and individual character’s personalities do not shine through. The protagonist, Beth, is fairly compelling throughout with her evident independence and strength. Though the book as a whole could use a little polish, Ms. Dunlop has created a unique story and an intriguing setting.

Shailyn Rogers