The Solitary Rose

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Henry Dawson has struggled with money since the death of his father, but his financial troubles are solved by an invitation to marry an heiress who has turned down many suitors. Henry feels he must marry Emma Ainsworth to save his family. Emma, however, is against the marriage for several reasons. Having suffered from smallpox, she feels tainted with scars and the consequences of being an empath makes her not want to marry. However, when Henry comes to the estate and ends up with a major injury, Emma is forced to care for the man as he is confined to his bed. The empath uses this to her advantage though, trying to convince Henry to help her with her sexual doubts without intentions to marry him. But will this result in a love match for the two? Or will both be ruined and heartbroken as a result?

Like a well-wrapped gift, the author presents a unique combination of urban fantasy and the Victorian era which will have readers on their toes reading this stubborn romance full of pushing limits. The introduction of magical shields and sorcerers is sudden, which gives readers whiplash for the lack of worldbuilding and no expansion on what type of magic this world has; however, the chemistry between the protagonists burns bright from the start of the novel, attracting the readers instantly. Emma and Henry’s stubbornness and the opposites-attract trope keep things spicy, but some scenes are quite unrealistic for the Victorian era, especially how much private time Emma and Henry spend together. Nonetheless, the novel is unique, well-written, and does a good job of keeping the storyline short and entertaining.

Austen Grace