She Awakens (She Awakens Book 1)


In this world of constant chaos, it’s the magical beings, known as the Fae, versus the mundane human race. The young hunter, Attina, was used to a normal life with her best friend, James, in a small town of only little worries. Attina’s life is changed forever when an irreversible event occurs, and her neighbors and friends are forced to come together to save humans before they are wiped out by the Fae. She sets off on an adventure with her trusty steed, Raven, only to discover her lingering powers that come from being a half-blooded Fae. Attina must now find a way to unite the two species, before they have the chance of destroying one another.

Wonderous world-building and incredible imagination fills the pages of this gripping story, describing the tragic story of a lone heroine on a mission to unite her peoples. The plot is extremely predictable, with the repetitious trope of a protagonist facing continuous trials of life and death. However, the introduction of a new character in the conclusion provides an intriguing cliffhanger that all readers will get sucked back into. After each new complication, Attina struggles with her emotions—a typical expectation for someone whose life gets turned around—but it’s no excuse for tears in every chapter. The characters are easy to grow attachments to also, with light-hearted jokes here and there; but it’s hard to stay attuned with the story when the plot jumps around constantly, and the background descriptions blend with the present time scenes. The novel still acts as an addiction to any reader who picks it up and envelopes themselves into this chaos.

Austen Grace