The Shadow of Theron (Age of Shadows Book One)

Kathryn Troy

Theron is a great legend. The only proofs of his existence are the holy relics left behind. One by one those relics are disappearing, and Lysandro is determined to keep this from happening. He vows to find proof that will convict the town magistrate, Marek, of the crime, and he does so as the masked vigilante – The Shadow of Theron. In his quest, he meets Seraphine, a woman who captivates his attention and brings about far more mysteries. One thing is certain, a lot of secrets are being held by the priestesses of the land… Secrets that will devastate the world.

Ms. Troy creates a wild ride in this sizzling fantasy romance! The world in which her characters reside is one full of magic and rich lore. Lysandro is the definition of a hero, perhaps a bit too much so. He’s got an ego to match his adventures, and some readers might need some time to warm up to him. Seraphine is the recipe for a strong heroine, and she meets that expectation most of the time. Their attraction is instant and steamy. A lot of time is taken on the side characters as well, and they are just as interesting as the main characters which helps round out the story. A fun play on classic action hero tales mixed with fantasy, “The Shadow of Theron” is a great read for lovers of either genre who like their books spicy!

Chelsea Andersen