Shadow Rider


Storm is an author who has written many successful books. With the earnings from her movie deal, she decides to buy the motorcycle that inspired it all. That same motorcycle creates a tangible link with one of her muses, Booker Savage, who is able to escape Portico, the land of muses. He longs to create a love connection with Storm. But can Storm believe he is who he says he is? After all, she lives in reality where fiction doesn’t just come true. If Booker doesn’t convince her to believe, he will be lost for good. 

Shiloh Love has created a fascinating world and cast of characters in “Shadow Rider”. The plotline is unique and keeps the reader guessing along the way. Storm and Booker are characters with a lot of depth and charisma—a couple for which one can’t help but wish a happy ever after ending. The middle portion of the book can get mildly draggy at times, with the heroine’s wishy washy thoughts becoming a bit repetitive. However, the fun concept of the book, the wonderful characterizations and the later plot twists make this a minor flaw to be easily overlooked. While Portico is well explained, certain other supernatural elements of the story are glossed over a little, leaving the reader feeling a little out of the loop if they aren’t familiar with the characters from the author’s previous novels. This action packed novel successfully balances adventure and a romance that will cause any reader’s heart to melt. 

Shailyn Rogers