Second Star to the Left - Reimagined Fairy Tales #1

Van Dyke

Tinker Bell breaks an unforgivable pixie law to save another. Now she's on a quest to return home by acquiring the ruby necklace stolen from the mermaid queen by pirates. Captain Hook is intrigued by the beautiful blond he sees in the pub, so he rescues her from an overzealous suitor, buys her a few drinks, and then entices her to his ship's cabin. Imagine his surprise when he awakes from his pixie dust slumber without the ruby necklace stolen from Captain Blackbeard and twice cursed by a pixie! Arrgh! When their paths cross again, they are forced to work together at the mermaid queen's behest. Will their mistrust of - or their attraction for each - other pose an obstacle to their goal? Will their mutual or unknown enemies bring about their demise?

"Second Star to the Left" a seductive reimagined Neverland fairytale dusted with magic, passion, and adventure that will hook readers from page one! Tink is a sassy, sensual, and compassionate woman filled with a determined confidence. Captain Hook is a brave, bawdy slice of beefcake layered with a debonair pirate's swagger. The ensemble cast of secondary characters provides humorous and supportive details that help to transport readers to a fantastical world of mystical beings and landscapes. The villains of the story provide the perfect targets for readers to root against. The riddled twists and turns are scavenger hunt gold. Ms. Van Dyke's imaginative storytelling shines through this tale of sea-faring escapades like a happy pixie's wings.

Tonya Mathenia