Sealed with a Curse

Selene, the king’s swan herder, enjoyed growing up with the six princes before their beloved mother died. Now, the king is busy and the princes have become her tormentors. Though she has kept her bruises and hurt feelings from the king, others in the king’s service have noticed and beg her to tell him. Conway, the new pig herder, finds the silver- haired beauty enticing and worth courting. When the eldest prince accuses Selene of mistreatment, the king doesn’t believe him, and the truth of the princes’ cruelty to her is revealed. Despite Selene’s protests, the princes are cursed to be swans, with only fifteen minutes a day as humans. Conway helps Selene through her grief and her efforts to aid the princes in their quest.
This is a beautifully crafted story that keeps readers engaged and entertained! Selene loves her swans and her life in Melthkoir and was very happy until she became the target of bullying. When Conway comes to the castle, he becomes her protector, to no avail. As a result of their behavior, the princes are cursed, yet Selene is distraught. The king consulted advisors, but Selene still feels the punishment is too harsh. Her relationships with the castle staff provide support and love. However, her love for Con is woven into the tapestry as she seeks to right a wrong she thinks was done because of her. The supporting characters provide support and love for Selene in her journey. Though the curse is the theme, the love story triumphs. Absolutely delightful!
Leah Neale