Rewrites of the Heart

Terry Newman

Romance author, JJ Spritely, wakes up one morning, surprised to find two main characters from one of her books have literally come out of the pages. The characters, Blake Teesdale and Alex Zurich, are determined to find their way back into their “home,” but to do that, they must help JJ with her own personal love life. Determined to find JJ's one true love, the duo set off to find her match, who just happens to be a history professor by the name of Kennedy King Cooper. JJ has met this handsome man before, and ironically wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Blake and Alex want nothing more than to be back in their book, and they will stop at nothing to have JJ fall in love and get a life of her own.

“Rewrites of the Heart” is a funny, quirky story following a string of easy-to-love characters. The plot, while interesting, could have been executed a little better. The character development is questionable, especially regarding JJ. She seems to be a wholesome character initially, but toward the end of the book, her actions don’t seem to fit her personality anymore. However, Blake and Alex are always up to something, and their antics will make readers laugh out loud. More interactions between JJ and her characters would have made for a more enjoyable story. The relationship between JJ and Kennedy is a little rushed as well. The development of their feelings for each other could have been explored more deeply. All in all, “Rewrites of the Heart” is an enjoyable story for readers who like books about books with some romance and paranormal elements sprinkled in.

Jennifer Shepherd