The Republic of Reality


Joseph Shields never expected to die at nineteen in a toaster fire. But to his surprise, he wakes up neither in heaven nor hell but rather in Hyleberia, an island republic that rules the Earth and its reality. Selected at random to become a citizen and future worker, Joseph is surprised to learn that reality is more complicated than he ever imagined. With new eccentric friends, secrets of reality to uncover, a corrupt government, and more, the only certainty is that Joseph may be the only one who can protect the island and his second chance at life.

An astonishing mix of ancient mythology and modern religions, “The Republic of Reality” takes a bit of many things to create a reality as rife with problems as our own and adds in an aimless and suspicious “hero.” From the beginning readers are introduced to characters who lean toward the more disagreeable and chaotic. Which might intrigue some readers, though little is done to make them more likeable. Additionally, this fantasy world is full of many high-end philosophies and complicated magic systems that are mentioned off hand with little to no explanation. Rather, the reader must rely on an unreliable narrator in Joseph who while ignorant is also cynical and suspicious enough of his new life to investigate a crime and possible coup with mixed results. This leaves an open ending which is set up for a second book. With all that in mind this book will appeal most to those who like fantasy thrillers, and kookie conspiracies!

Sarah E Bradley