Prince of Deceit (Dawn of Ragnarok Book #3)


Now that the Veil has fallen, the time has come for Wilderheim to face its possible demise: Ragnarok. Needing to protect his kingdom from this haunting fate, Prince Fal must find a way to save his people, and himself, before they all perish. The “Prince of Deceit” as he’s known as, has overwhelming powers that create an assortment of illusions that constantly deceive his people. Fal feels hopeless and alone, until a young merchant’s daughter, Sanja, shines a new light of hope on the fate of Wilderheim. Sanja is the only one who can help Fal, but first, she must defeat her own problems that are closing in around her life. Sanja and Fal set off on independent journeys to save themselves, so they can help the remainder of their people. Time is running out as Wilderheim’s impending fate lies in the hands of Sanja and Fal.

The story of Fal and Sanja is an astounding piece, full of personal battles, impending doom, and electric kisses. Ms. Donnelly creates an incredible design of a perfect language and dialect that suits the story and its characters wonderfully. The setting descriptions are so extraordinarily vivid, that one will feel like they’re actually living as one of the characters. The story does get hard to keep track of though, with the constant perspective shifts, and takes time to understand all the connections. Still, the plot, remains exquisite. How the author managed to incorporate every personal detail in such a beautiful world is impressive beyond measure. It’s a story full of constant anticipation. Every time the reader tries to predict the next scene, a new twist hits, shocking all of one’s senses!

Austen Grace