Precise Oaths (Liliana and the Fae of Fayetteville Book 1)


What if you could see the future, and could change it? Spider-kin seer, Liliana, is one of the rare creature-kin Others that share a greener futuristic Earth with Normals. Like all spider-kin, she has three extra sets of eyes besides her human ones. She uses her clairvoyant fourth set to see the future, but the further she looks, the blurrier the visions. When soldiers on the nearby Fort Liberty base start dying, their commanding officer, Colonel Bennett, suspects a spider-kin is the serial killer. He sends Peter Teague, a Celtic wolf and natural predator to the spiders, to hunt Liliana. The petite spider can more than hold her own. Peter realizes Liliana isn’t the killer when he senses her fairness and honesty. Grateful to be finally understood, Liliana is dismayed that her efforts to help Peter find the real murderer will likely get him killed!

A delightful neurodivergent heroine finds herself caught in a deadly game of choose-your-own-adventure! Liliana foresees three grisly outcomes for her new friend in the immediate, near, and slightly distant futures, and only her wits and ingenuity can alter his fate. Liliana’s worldview is empathetic and honorable. She has had to navigate not only being different in her physical attributes, but also in her “not quite autistic” aspect. Readers will fall quickly and utterly in love with this character. Paige Ewing’s talented storytelling weaves the magical, the suspenseful, and the romantic, into a strong and subtle web that fascinates and entraps. With amazing creatures and layered intrigue, “Precise Oaths” is a memorable introduction to a promising new series!

Joan Lai