Pages (Book One in the Lifebook Library)

On Pocalypse every avatar has a Lifebook. Each Lifebook contains the avatar’s soul and the  story of their life. Lifebook’s also are the place where Lifebonds are signed. Control someone’s Lifebook and you control that avatar. Because of this, each avatar safeguards their Lifebook. But the government and the velo bosses are in a struggle for control and power, and because of this, society on Pocalypse is crumbling. Each avatar knows they can maintain their safety if they can maintain the safety of their Lifebook. Sanya doesn’t know where her Lifebook is, and even more disturbing, she doesn’t know if she has one at all. An avatar without a Lifebook is of great interest to all the people struggling for power, so Sanya must evade the government and all the velo gangs as she seeks to find her story - if it is written anywhere at all.
Zach Larson has crafted a complex world. As Pocalypse comes to life, new characters and concepts are introduced. There are so many new words and ideas that sometimes it seems like it’s the second book in the series, and more backstory is necessary to understand what is happening. Sanya’s character development is great as she meets avatars and learns whether or not they can be trusted. So much is packed into this fantasy that it really could be two to three separate books, which creates some confusion at times. Fans of fantasy that are ready to have their imaginations stretched and are willing to spend the time figuring out what is going on will truly enjoy this unique fantasy world of Pocalypse, and will end the book anxious for the next installment of the series.
Cara Cieslak