The Necromancer’s Daughter

D. Wallace Peach

Aster is a stillborn infant from the king and queen of Verdane. She has been brought to life by a necromancer, Barus, who raises her as his own and teaches her the ways of a healer. Her life is the way it should be, however, once Aster gets older, she finds out everything she comes to know about her life is a lie. Aster’s real father comes back for her, but that is where the real adventure begins. Aster’s father explains to her how she is an heir to the throne of his kingdom, and if she doesn’t accept her role, then the kingdom is doomed to fall. Aster is torn between two worlds of a necromancer and a world who hunts and is against necromancers and the practice of magic. Aster’s father is near death, and the only way to save him – even though Aster might not want to – is to go to the kingdom and take her position. So what will Aster choose? Will she choose to stay with Barus, the necromancer who has brought her back to life, or her real father, the king, who is on the verge of death? 

“The Necromancer’s Daughter” is set in a time where kings and queens ruled. A time when the earth was not only inhabited by humans, but by dragons as well. Readers of fantasy and folklore fiction will not walk away disappointed! With fifty chapters making up the book, it’s a good length read with three hundred pages of action-packed adventure. The story is told by three different points of view, where D. Wallace Peach shows the readers how the characters are connected to each other, and how emotionally charged they are towards one another. The book has that life and death motility of how far a person would go to bring back their loved one, or what a person would do to save the person they adore. “The Necromancer’s Daughter” is a wonderful read that will take readers on an adventure without even leaving the house. Absolutely delightful. 


Stephanie Bell