Murder for Hire (The Murder, Book 2)

Gabrielle Ash

SUSPENSE: Diana Van Doren and Sasha Sokolov are headed to Russia with their demon pal, running from a hoard of creatures. They’re stopped when a call for help comes from Diana’s former murder of crow shifters. However, what Diana wants most of all is the one thing she cannot have–to be a member of that murder. A murder in this case is a flock of crows. Diana lives in exile, but she and Sasha possess a weapon–the infamous Sheturath–which is needed to kill their enemies, Lead Crow and Raynor. For Diana, family is everything, and her sister is still in the murder and, therefore, in mortal danger. Danger comes in the form of witches. werewolves, fae, angels, demons, and, of course, crow shifters.  

A murder of crows is dangerous. A murder of crow shifters is lethal, especially if they have exiled you and put a price on your head–like they’ve done with Diana. The reader might feel the book begins in the middle of action without reading the first book of the series, but can soon catch up. In the midst of a conflicted romance, Diana has to keep her head on the prize–killing the enemy of her former murder. There’s also intrigue and possible sabotage from enemies within the murder to deal with. People in stressful situations often are attracted to each other, and so Diana and Sasha fight to continue as professionals on a mission, but they lose that battle. Readers will enjoy nonstop action, bloody battles, and time out for a little romance. 

Leah Neale