Mortal Heart (Alice Worth World Book 1)

A fallen angel, Ronan, is sent to Earth to live amongst the humans as a bounty hunter for punishment because he broke angelic laws. He is forced to live in a human body without his angelic powers while trying to live a righteous life, so in the end, he could be judged to see if he is worthy to gain his angelic form back. Ronan feels lost, useless in his newfound body, until he runs into Arkady Woodall, a private investigator who used to work for the Vampire Court. While being teamed up with Arkady in this supernatural mystery, Ronan starts to feel things he has never felt before. He soon discovers Arkady has the same pull towards him, and the only way to survive the bounty is being by each other sides, as a team.
An Urban Fantasy adventure that grows with every turn of the page, “Mortal Heart” is a compelling story, linking two characters together under inseparable circumstances. With a steamy rating of five out of five, their connection towards each other makes for one spicy adventure in this made for adults’ melodrama. Lisa Edmonds’ character development of Ronan and Arkady grows within each chapter, showing a different side, a softer side, which paves way for a change in Ronan one may not have seen otherwise. In this fast paced, steamy romance, Lisa Edmonds shows both sides of the story which gives a better emotional connection to her characters for the reader, leaving them with the understanding of how Arkady and Ronan came to be, and leaving one yearning to read more from other characters. Delightful!
Stephanie Bell