Lucky Us (His Dark Charms Book 2)

Genevieve Jack

Pixie single mom Sophia Larkspur has returned to the fae haven of Devashire and rekindled her old flame with handsome Seven Delaney. Seven is one of the wealthiest leprechauns, and the most powerful fae in Devashire, aside from Godmother. A relationship between a pixie and a leprechaun would elicit frowns across the fae class divide. If their daughter, Arden’s parentage was revealed, that divide would explode like a glitter bomb! Before Sophia and Seven can ease Arden into leprechaun society, a high-profile murder shatters the veneer of safety in Godmother’s carefully cultivated fairy queendom. Godmother finds a convenient scapegoat in Sophia’s best friend, River, and uses her magical hold on Seven to keep Sophia from revealing the truth. Either Sophia and Seven find the real killer, or Godmother will tear the unlucky lovers apart!

Magic, romance, and danger! Genevieve Jack reaffirms her mastery over creative fantasy by delivering a thoughtful, multi-faceted forbidden love thriller. Devashire exists as a segregated colony within the United States, dependent on theme park tourism as its sole industry, which lends humor and levity to its superficial image. But dig deeper into its mafia-like regime and the caste system of species hierarchy, and we see corruption, prejudice, and subjugation. Light and dark are blended perfectly. Sophia shines as a loyal friend, a protective mother, and a determined sleuth. Seven distinguishes himself as a thoughtful lover and a calculating adversary. The two of them make an incendiary team that will inflame readers. Together with their daughter, the new Delaney family promises to topple the paradigm in Devashire. His Dark Charms redefines leprechaun romance as complex and sexy!

Joan Lai