Lucky Me (His Dark Charms #1)

Sophia Larkspur left her home in Devashire 16 years ago. She lives in the United States as an undocumented Fae among the humans until she is captured by the Fairy Immigration and Rehabilitation Enforcement Agency. With the help of her daughter, she is rescued, and they are forced to return to the home she left behind so many years ago, only now they will be living in the portion of the realm that humas are allowed to visit known as Dragonfly Hollow. And unfortunately, Sophia’s rescue does not come without a price. She is forced to help Seven, her ex-boyfriend and leprechaun billionaire, with a murder investigation. Follow this unlikely pair as they navigate their very awkward relationship while also trying to catch a killer.
“Lucky Me” is packed full of exquisite world building that readers will absolutely love. The Fae live on a magical reservation away from humans, and there are several different variations of Fae discussed throughout the book. Sophia and Seven have wonderfully witty banter and good chemistry throughout the story, even when they find themselves in some very dangerous situations. The mystery component that Ms. Jack throws into the plot mixed with the slow burn second chance romance makes for a very richly written story. The pacing is fantastic and will leave readers wanting more. “Lucky Me” is a breath of fresh air in the fantasy realm of storytelling. With subtle hints of Sophia and Seven’s story continuing, hopefully this won’t be the last readers see of them.
Jennifer Shepherd