Love at 20,000 Leagues (Fantasy Resorts #1)


Sam wants to be by her sick mother’s side, but her family has been working on Paradise Atlantis—an advanced AI-run underwater vacation destination—for years, and her mom wants them to experience the exclusive first stay. Sam’s fear of being under the ocean and the distasteful proximity to the room her father and the women he cheated on her mom with promises to make this trip a wet hell. Meeting Travis, a hot man who’s also there just for family, makes things a little better. Things get even better when her long time crush, Mason, shows interest in her as well. How can a woman not feel special when two hot men fight for her attention? When a person starts making the AI go nuts and kill the guests, Sam and her new love are forced to investigate to survive.

A stunningly written Sci-Fi romance! This story easily introduces scientific advancements into a beautiful love story wrapped in mystery. Sam’s determination and bravery is inspirational in a way that will have readers falling for her. Mason and Travis both have swoon-worthy moments with Sam that are very distinctive to each character and crafted beautifully. However, it does quickly become clear which man truly has Sam’s heart. This winds up decreasing the intensity of the love triangle to a point where it could cause some readers disappointment. However, the romance that is present is one that both heals and creates a dynamic new partnership. The sparks that fly as the characters find the true killer behind the robotic mask makes this story one to remember.

Annalee Stilove