Grave Reaping Hermit (Grave Reaper Series)

Everlyn C. Thompson

Theo is a widowed author who has moved to a remote cabin alone after spending five years and nearly all her money trying to find out why her husband disappeared. After a night drinking at the bar with a friend, she wakes up at home without knowing how she got there. Theo soon finds herself meeting several new individuals who turn her life upside down and leaves behind even bigger mysteries than what happened to her husband. Oscar Aldridge is a paranormal investigator who believes Theo’s husband, Will, is in the area, and that Theo’s safety is at risk. His overbearing attempts to keep her safe lead him to bump heads with Farranen, a light fae, who is connected to Theo after she survives an attack in the woods by another fae. With Theo’s safety and life on the line, she finds herself pulled between the life she planned, and the world she has found herself thrust into. A world that has far more secrets than she ever expected, including vampires, light fae, dark fae and shifters. Can Theo survive all the changes coming for her? Or is she heading straight to her own grave? 

This book is full of tension of all kinds, and is a great first entry for a series. The main character is surround by men who all want something from her, and she isn’t quite sure how to help any of them – especially since she isn’t even sure how to help herself. This book sweeps the reader and the main character away on a journey into a world she hadn’t even known existed. The book wraps up with an open-ended feeling that makes the reader desperate for more, and keeps oneu guessing where things will end up. One thing is for sure, no matter what is in store for the characters in this book, it is going to be an adventure! 


Valerie Vicars