A Glimpse of Music (Sunlight and Shadows Book 3)


Nyana Everdon is constantly tormented by the evil in her past. Even when she tries to move on from the shadows of her husband, she’s sucked right back into the dangers, which puts her daughters, Eva and Maisy, at risk. In order to keep her family safe, Nyana will have to lean on Joel Harrington, the man she’s called a friend for eight years. As for Joel, he’s had to watch Nyana fall for two other men, one his king and the other with his best friend. Will Nyana finally open her eyes to see the love of her life standing right in front of her?

Faes, nymphs, and magic wrapped into one novel full of passionate, slow-burn romance and a plotline with crazy conflicts, what more could one ask for? Miss Winward’s wonderfully written story has amazingly descriptive imagery that will cause the words to fly off the pages into the reader’s imagination. The author does a good job of refreshing the reader with the key details from the previous books at the beginning, however, not reading the other books in the series makes it hard to keep up with the characters and their pasts. The steamy romance that brews between the protagonists over time, though, will keep readers on their toes. The plot is a bit fast, and it feels too much like a damsel and distress book at first, but the self-love the protagonist gains for herself and the smooth ending makes the book worth the ride. Readers better be prepared the most emotionally, genuine romance of a lifetime.

Austen Grace